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‘Role of Instruments in Indian Music’


International Conference: Bhopal, January 17-18 2009

by Shruti Shankar

The two day conference of Omenad was organized at Swaraj Bhawan, Bhopal. Scholars from various parts of India as also from varying disciplines had gathered to offer their expertise on musical instruments. Dr. Laxmi Ganesh Tewari, Professor of Ethnomusicology at Sonoma State University had planned his visit to South Asia specially to attend the conference… Read more

On Setting up an Academic Institution for Music


By Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande

I recall that some two-three years back, I felt that we should attempt to create an institution here which shall promote the classical principles of music.

Q.      But we do have several ‘clubs’ and ‘associations’?

A.      Yes, they do exist and I admit that they serve music in their own way but I envisage an institution which is in altogether a different class.

Q.      How so?

A.      Its aim shall be to collect all ancient and modern treatises, publish them, get them translated, organize lectures of scholars on aspects of music, discuss music formally, write a history of current music system, arrange the various Raga-compositions and publish them, resolve conflicts upon Raga-s through dialogue amongst stalwarts and scholars, seek cooperation of connoisseurs residing in prominent Riyasat-s (princely states), collect historical details about Gharana-s, organize concerts of stalwarts at appropriate time to popularize Aprachalit (Lesser known) Raga-s, get proficient vocalists appointed in institutions to impart systematic knowledge of music, to learn self-created rules and notations systems of famous vocalists-instrumentalists, to maintain accounts and publish them through a monthly journal etcetera. I think, to date, there is no such institution in existence. The people who have started music institutions for livelihood can not be expected to fulfil theses tasks. And those who consider music as entertainment alone are not worth wasting one’s time on.

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