Book Release: Commitment to Hindi and Knowledge


Though almost a cardinal principle in itself, the fact voiced over several times during the event, that knowledge is dependent on language became the central Vib2Deltheme of Hindi Medium Implementation Directorate’s book-release function at World Book Fair, New Delhi on Sunday the 10th February 2013. Dr. Asha Gupta, Director, with her able team, released over a dozen books written by independent authors as well as team-writers. The function was presided over by Prof. Keshari Lal Verma and included such dignitaries as Prof. Subhash Chandra Kashyap, Prof. Jagdeesh Chandra Muna, Prof. M.P. Singh and Prof. Ramesh Gautam.


Of the fourteen books released two books dealt with Culture of Indian sub-continent, two with History, five with Political Science. Books dealing with aesthetics, communication, economics, education and music were also released on this occasion. Editors and authors aired their views. Well known thinker and historian Prof. Lal Bahadur Verma pointed out that in all ages people could interpret contemporary period as ‘best of times’ and the ‘worst of all times’. The truth may be explored out of the two extremes only through a global comprehensive world-view. Prof. M.P. Singh stressed that while for adequate understanding of some subjects it is essential to know Pali and Sanskrit, political scientists have to be conversant with contemporary global languages like English. It was also hoped that making available current knowledge in Mandarin, German besides other major languages in Hindi would help the 70-80% students in Indian universities to gain parity with those who can access texts written in English.

Dr. Devesh Vijay reiterated the need to make Indian language text available digitally and Prof. Ramesh Gautam mentioned production of e-texts in Hindi. He said that while many of the professors write in Hindi as an exercise, they have to attain the fluent integrity of stalwarts who create knowledge as they write in Hindi.

Dr. Asha Gupta introduced the second volume of Raga Vibodh: Misrabani as a continuation of this very spirit, where original content has been delivered making best use of technology. She said that with support of digital Indian music notation system, this volume will continue to benefit music enthusiasts in Japan, Australia, U.K. and U.S. apart from students in India.

Vib2RelDelDr. Ragini Trivedi expressed her gratitude to the concept of a Directorate being devoted to cause of providing knowledge in Hindi. Every language holds promise; the more it is cared for, the greater it delivers. Music, she said, is a language that differs from all tongues because it does not employ words and phrases; yet it has a grammar, which is capable of affecting human emotion and thought through organization of sound. Writing music is germane to continuance of excellent possibilities. The digital notation system, Ome Swarlipi extends the treasure-trove of Indian music to a global audience.

The audience were thrilled to learn about such books as Gunakar Mule’s “Einstein Aur Brahmand”, which explains the mystery of universe in an entertaining manner and two volume dictionary in Hindi- Urdu-English.

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