Events often leave one speechless. Music is next to silence. One might at times just wish to recreate the moment of bliss.

All enthusiasts are invited to send in their experience of being overwhelmed by music, dance or drama.

In Prathama

By Sandhya Mishra

There were fifteen maestros in Prathama. Valiant ones. An Indian woman is brought up to take care of others in a selfless fashion. To rebel against this was never easy. For many their music was their rebellion; but ask any of these artistes and she would be horrified at the word. She took up playing her instrument not because of anger, hatred, vengeance, jealousy, but for sheer joy of playing. They have been loyal daughters, true companions and concerned mothers. It is only through their super-human will-power that these ladies could master their instruments. We, who were witness to this grand show at Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal were twice overwhelmed — by music and by music-makers.

Featured above is a short clip of one of the fifteen performances.