International Conference of ICH NGO’s June ’15


Members of ENS have organized the first international conference of NGOs accredited to UNESCO Convention 2003 for Safeguarding of ICH practices.

About ENS
Members of the ENS – the NGO of the Catalan Cultural Association NetworkIMG_6805 – include the 28 most important federations working in the field of Catalan culture.
Cultural associations are widely present in Catalan society and have a very particular and unique organisational model. They are the concrete response of civil society to the needs for training and education, self-help, community work and social cohesion while developing Catalan popular and traditional culture in a sustainable way, both from a historical and future perspective.

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Interested NGOs are invited to join  1st International Conference of NGOs accredited to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. The event will be held from the 6th-13th of June, 2015, in the Catalan town of Santa Susana (Barcelona). Cultural visits to Barcelona (castellers/human towers), Berga (La Patum) and Arbúcies (Methodology for the inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Biosphere Reserves) will also be carried out.

What are the specific objectives?

  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among NGOs.
  • To identify difficulties in NGOs work.
  • To explore links with other actors involved in the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage (authorities, experts, communities, etc.).
  • To discuss the role of NGOs in the transmission of intangible cultural heritage.

Virtual phase. Prior debate to identify key topics to discuss during the in-person phase  (March 1st – May 15th, 2015) through the Delibera platform. The objective is to identify those issues in which a consensus has already been reached, in order to avoid focusing on them during the in-person session. Therefore, other topics can be deeply addressed during the in-person session. This system allows to identify, in real time, the level of agreement or disagreement with each proposal as well as to provide input, comments and respond to the participants.
During the month of February, those representatives from the accredited NGOs, experts and anyone from Catalonia interested in this topic, will be invited to participate in the forum, that will host two rounds of discussion. Both English and Catalan will be used during the working process.
Content to be discussed during the working sessions:

Topic 1: Internal organization of the ICH-NGO Forum. How should we be organized in order to be more efficient in our role concerning the Convention. What kind of internal organization do we want for the NGO Forum?

Topic 2:Consultative Body. How should/can the Forum contribute to the election of the NGO appointed to be part of the Consultative Body.

Topic 3: Ethics.

Topic 4: The mission/role of NGOs / the Forum -between experts and member states.

Topic 5: Sustainable development. The role of NGOs / the Forum concerning the new paragraphs of the Operational Directives that will be discussed in the next Committee session. 

In-Person phase (from 6th to 13th of June, 2015). Team working sessions where a contextualization of the topics of discussion through a brief presentation of the results obtained from the virtual phase. The working methodology will include the identification of problems and the agreement of participants regarding the achievement of possible solutions and/or proposals for future behaviors.

Topics: those resultant from the virtual phase.

  1. Working sessions related to the Convention, combined with visits and cultural other cultural representations around Catalonia (Castells, Patum, Palau de la Música, Montseny Biosphere Reserve).
  2. Working sessions about the obligations involved in being an accredited NGO.
  3. To provide an overview of the NGO Forum’s constitution.
  • Parallel activities: some of them will be addressed to companions but most of them will also be addressed to the congress participants. It is important to highlight the attractiveness of Barcelona as a cultural capital and Catalonia’s cultural offer.  
  • Samples of different festive Catalan popular culture for each working session: Sardana (dance), music bands, “esbarts” (dance), theater, Nativity scenes (models), etc.

IN-PERSON CONFERENCE: it includes the accommodation from 6th-13th of June, 2015, full board, transfer from and to the airport (El Prat-Barcelona, Girona-Costa Brava) and other scheduled activities: 235,00 € per person in double room (DUI) and 343,00€ per person in single room. Drinks during meals (only meals are included) and the tourist tax (€ 1.00 person / day) are not included.
Payment of Registration to the In-Person Conference:
Through bank transfer ES54 0081 5494 2100 0107 9111
Indicate name, organization (it must match the name on the registration) and the reason for the transfer (International Conference of NGOs accredited). Then send a copy of the payment receipt and registration form to


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