Tribute to Shankars: On Art & Human Warmth


As recalled by Pt. Omprakash Chourasiya

Ample literature is available on contribution of Pandit Udayshankar and Pandit Ravishankar in getting universal acclaim for Indian classical music and dance. Topmost celebrities and experts from around the world have highlighted their qualities. During the period when I was in process of being recognized RaviOmprakashas an upcoming artiste of Santoor, it was divine intervention that I was granted access to both of these stalwarts as a family-friend. I was blessed with their kind concern. This clearly indicated that with these great celebrities the only thing which counted was music. A scholar of music was musician first, anything else besides, and therefore, worthy of their attention.

Ravi ji’s elder brother Udayshankar had become active as early as 1930s, touring round the globe with his ballet troupe and earning kudos for Indian art. The troupe required live music and for some time Ravishankar ji too acted as music director for the troupe. When after a brief stint, Ustad Allauddin Khan too expressed his inability to travel with the troupe Pandit Lalmani Misra was requested to accompany the troupe. For several years during late forties and early fifties, Pandit Misra travelled creating novel orchestral compositions.

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