Academy for Appreciation of Theater, Music and Art


Madhukali  envisaged AATMA to address the need for appreciation of arts. Several organizations working in the field of Theatre, Music, Fine Arts have together contributed to a continuity of these in face of popular entertainment available easily through modern gadgets and electronic media. Most of the organizations limit their activities to inviting artistes or troupes for performances. Patrons and Artistes of Madhukali would spare time for AATMA so that with concerted activities the aim of appreciation is achieved.

Madhukali has identified a few of the educational institutions where the programme shall be conducted. It shall hold academic courses in Appreciation of Art in various fields. The course modules shall be designed to suit individual needs of institutions. For more information see AATMA-FAQ.



Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for participating in AATMA events?
All interested individuals through a recognized Club, Association, Institution, Organization.

Is there a fee for participating in AATMA events?
AATMA like Madhukali operates on non-profit model. Most of the artistes and academics work voluntarily but expenditure made on travel, hospitality, remuneration / honorarium to accompanists, rental of equipment etc. would require recompense.

Can AATMA organize formal courses for students/ institutional members?
Appreciation Certificate courses can be organized during vacations for students and interested individuals.

What would a module for an educational institution cover?
An institution may choose either Single Focus module or an Inclusive module for the academic session. Appreciation modules are offered in Cinema, Classical Music, Classical Dance, Painting and Theatre.

What would any given  module, say for Theatre, be like?

After the institution has finalized the module events would be planned for the target group. For example, two hundred students in the age-group 10 to 13 would be exposed to 3 to 5 plays in a year. During the fortnight before performance, three or four lectures would be organized that introduce students to the dramatic form pertinent to scheduled play. Within a week of performance a discussion plus evaluation session would be organized. Further, if the school is interested a workshop may be organized either at this juncture or when the module ends. Roughly in a year the students would gain understanding of dramatic form, its development and some of them may opt for Appreciation Certificate Course.

What would a module for Music be like?

Same as above save that in place of workshop an ensemble would be invited for performance.

Can this be organized for adults within a short duration?

Yes. However it would be intensive module of 20 hours and above in sessions of six hours per day.

Which artistes would conduct or give performance?

Madhukali is dedicated to great scholar musician Dr. Lalmani Misra. His friends,  disciples, admirers and several young and upcoming artistes look forward to support and  participate in  Madhukali activities. The list of such persons includes   nationally and internationally acclaimed artistes.

As an artiste how can I be a part of AATMA?

Send your details listing performances, awards, pictures etc. A short write up giving your opinion about the current state of affairs in your specific field  and if required, what strategy should be applied to safeguard this particular practice, would be appreciated.

I am not an artiste; can I be a part of AATMA?

Send your details listing qualifications and interests. A short write up giving your opinion about things that would promote culture, art, harmony and peace would be of great help. Please state clearly your work schedule in case you would like to volunteer in coordinating AATMA events.

Whom should I contact in AATMA?

Click to enroll as  educational institution /  informal club or organization / Willing Artiste / Sponsor / Volunteer.