International Conference of ICH NGO’s June ’15

Members of ENS have organized the first international conference of NGOs accredited to UNESCO Convention 2003 for Safeguarding of ICH practices. About ENS Members of the ENS – the NGO of the Catalan Cultural Association Network – include the 28 most important federations working in the field of Catalan culture. Cultural associations are widely present […]

Bonding Voices Blending Strings

He is pretty weak – one might say, fragile – these days. For the necessary movements, he prefers to walk on his own, holding on to wall and furniture rather than take human help. Failing eyesight makes it difficult for him to recognize people unless they come close under bright light. The speech falters and […]

In Quest of Conservation

To view details of participants & proceedings visit page Seminar Raga Conservation Since its inception, Madhukali orchestrated its activities, based on music practice, teaching and principles of Dr. Lalmani Misra. In the past decade it has been more concerned with community of musicians and educationists, instead of individual performers. The reason for this shift was […]

Pt. Chhotelal Misra: A Tribute

A dear member of Madhukali family, a stalwart like others, a living legend and a conscious musician, a loving giving soul and  responsible academic ,  Pt. Chhotelal Misra – disciple and son of Pt. Anokhelal Misra – died of cardiac arrest at his Kushtmanda residence in Varanasi today at 11:30 am. Grieving on the loss […]

Veena Heritage Alive

Music has been as much a discipline for study as it has been an art-form. Natural ease with musical expression had prompted Dr. Lalmani Misra to try out various instruments. It was both, the extra-ordinary quality of the instrument and the diminishing number of its practitioners, that he decided to take up Vichitra Veena.  By […]

Continuity called heritage

Over two years back, Madhukali invited unpublished analog recordings of Indian classical music in self-raised or inherited collections. Unplucked flowers, in mysterious ways, may turn into gems to be discovered by the fortunate. Heritage, like all things natural, is a presence waiting to be recognized. In a country rich in heritage like India, many scions […]

Tribute to Shankars: On Art & Human Warmth

As recalled by Pt. Omprakash Chourasiya Ample literature is available on contribution of Pandit Udayshankar and Pandit Ravishankar in getting universal acclaim for Indian classical music and dance. Topmost celebrities and experts from around the world have highlighted their qualities. During the period when I was in process of being recognized as an upcoming artiste […]

MisraBani TantriCharya–Varanasi

  The first MisraBani TantriCharya is proposed to be organized at Varanasi in October 2013 with collaboration of  cultural organization(s) at local/ national level. Benares Hindu University has kindly offered its facilities for organizing Tantricharya. The event shall be held at Academic Staff College from 12 to 18 and at Faculty of Music and Performing […]

Music Learning in Digital Age

Urgency for conservation and continuation of heritage practices is unquestionably enhanced now, in comparison to even a mere century back. The awareness, better still, concern has always been there.  If all past knowledge is preserved in condensed, usable form, the given discipline is assured of health and growth. When the essence gets buried under innovation, […]

Categorization of Music Practices

Rajiv Trivedi As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of UNESCO Convention 2003, the idea of conservation and continuance of traditional practices through according them greater visibility has become a familiar concept. It may yet take time to percolate to every working adult, but community leaders have begun to realize its importance and are coming up […]