Welcome to Madhukali

Dedicated to Sangeetendu Dr. Lalmani Misra, Madhukali has devoted itself to practice and constant refinement of performing Indian arts since 1983. It is fortunate to have globally renowned stalwarts as its patrons.

Disciples of Dr. Lalmani Misra led by one of his closest, Pt. Omprakash Chourasiya, have been working to concretize the plans of their mentor.

Today Madhukali Choir is almost 25 year old -- the first in central India to sing the creations of ancient and modern poets through classical compositions.

Talented instrumentalists are honoured with Kishor Adhyeta and Yuva Sadhak awards annually. Sister institutions like Shruti Mudra join in with awards to talented vocal and dance artistes. List of artists.

To fuel scholarship Madhukali organizes seminars, workshops and conferences with the support of OMENAD.

Not only young students but adults too have benefited from appreciation activites in the filed of music, dance, film and theatre conducted by AATMA.

Over the years Madhukali despite limited means has published books and music to increase visibility of various genres of Indian Classical Music. List of releases.