Music of Sangeetendu
Dr. Lalmani Misra

Madhukali is a Raga consecrated by Sangeetendu Dr. Lalmani Misra, the celebrated Vichitra Veena virtuoso, on basis of classical principles of note-consonance [1]. It blends Madhuvanti, Multani and Ramkali [2]. Madhuvanti is reflected in lower tetrachord with natural Second; Multani is in the upper tetrachord with Flat Sixth with application of a unique Ramkali phrase.

Indicative composition in Raga Madhukali can be found in Raga-Rang section on Omenad.

The Raga-s created by Dr. Misra satisfy all vital conditions and are considered Shastrokta (as mandated).

The virtuoso, in constant quest for accurate musical expression, also created a technique for string instruments that allows an overlay of yet another layer. He organized and expanded the traditional stroke work to create rhythmic cycles. This style is known as MISRABANI.

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